The Power Of The Mind Explored Live At Your Next Event
Mentalist Jesse Lewis

Book the Jesse Lewis Clean Mentalism, Show for YOUR next event! Create amazing memories that your audience will be talking about for years!

Jesse Lewis is the Canada’s most engaging Mentalism Entertainer. He performs in ALL AREAS of Canada.

I’m here to help you create an amazing experience at your event.

Jesse Lewis, Master Mentalist.

Clean Comedy Corporate Mentalism Show

What is a Mentalism Show?

The Jesse Lewis Mentalism Show is designed to generate audience participation. The program is fun, fast-paced, and tastefully delivered. 100% clean every time!

It all starts with your mind

The performance begins with a brief and interactive introduction to mentalism and mind reading. What to expect and what not to expect. All filled with audience engagement that gets everyone excited to be a part of the show.

Volunteer Participation

Self-selecting volunteers are invited to take part on stage. The volunteers are a huge part of the show. Jesse does not just read minds the volunteers do as well.

The volunteers find focus and heightened awareness. Volunteers are truly “in the zone”.

While the audience is laughing out loud amazed and astonished the whole time! The mystery of the mind is pulled back in a fun and exciting way!

You will see Jesse read minds with amazing accuracy.

Lasting Impressions

Everyone in attendance will be THRILLED and AMAZED with the show. They’ll linger after the performance to talk, and share stories about the mind reading show they just experienced. They’ll depart with sincere appreciation of your quality event and the volunteers are the real stars of the show!

An Engaging Mind Reading Mentalism Show like no other!

The Jesse Lewis Mind Reading Mentalism Show Experience:

  • Audience volunteers become the stars!
  • Everyone is laughing and applauding wildly!
  • Clean comedy entertainment suitable to everyone in attendance.

Book a Mentalism Show for Your Event?

This Mentalism Show is interactive, unique and engaging. Have confidence that booking this performance will EXCEED everyone’s expectations.

A properly executed Mind Reading Mentalism Entertainment program is incredibly thrilling. Your own audience members are the true stars of the show!

You’ll receive credit for having insight to book such outstanding event entertainment. Your group will be talking about the show for years to come!

  • Your guests are going to have a wonderful time.
  • You’ll get a dynamic Mentalism entertainer that delivers a BIG IMPACT.
  • Everyone will have fun, and you’ll receive compliments on the entertainment!